Sealex Sx-900MS

Sealex Sx-900MS is a high performance floor adhesive based on MS Polymer Hybrid technology from Japan. Sealex Sx-900MS is silyl termiated modified polymers, does not contain solvent and having only less than 2% VOC is a Green adhesive suitable for all green building designs. It also has high weathering capability against Ultraviolet and does not shrink nor bubble nor swell. Not containing any oil or solvent, Sx-900MS does not stain nor attract dirt any substrate porous or non-porous.
• Floor tile • Timber floor and skirting
• Door and window frame • Sandwich panel
Technicial Specification
- Basic Material Modified Silicone Polymer
- Color Basic
- Odor Odorless
- Specific Gravity 1.59
- Viscosity 400 Pa•s (10rpm, at 23o)
- Tack Free Time 20 mins (23oC, 50%RH)
- Cure Depth 4 mm/24hr (23oC, 50%RH)
- Application Temperature 5oC to 40oC
- Service Temperature Range -30oC to 90oC
- Stress at 100% Elongation 0.8Mpa
- Tensile Strength 1.8Mpa
- Elongation To Break 500%
- Shelf Life 12 months
- Movement Capability +-25%