Sealex Sx-4000

Sealex Sx-4000 is a fast curing acetic silicone sealant. Sealex Sx-4000 cures at ambient temperature by reaction with moistures in the air to produce a durable, permanently flexible seal that will not crack, crumble or dry out. Sealex Sx-4000 when cured is unaffected by the weather and suitable for use with most construction materials.
• Glazing and weather sealing • Door and window frame
• Ducting • Container and cold storage
• Kitchen and sanitary • Mirrors and cabinets
Technicial Specification
Uncured Sealant-Tested at 25oC and 50% RH
- Tack-free time 15 min
- Flow, sag or slump Non-sag.
- Working time (tooling) 10min. (Before sealant skin forms)
- Curing time (2-3mm. Bead) 24 hours
Cured Sealant-After 7 days at 250C and 50% RH
- Durometer, Shore A 17 points
- Tensile strenght 2 Mpa
- Service Temperature -50oC to + 150oC
- Movement Capability +-25%