Sealex Sx-1200

Sealex Sx-1200 is a spacial high quality acrylic sealant to provide and elastic seal joint and gap sealant.Sealex Sx-1200 is designed to meet the standards of ASTM C-920 Movement capability +-25%
• Sealing aluminium, steel, timber and PVC window and door frames to concrete and other substrates • Sealing interior joins of build-in furniture and external joints to walls
• Sealing movement joints Crack filling before decorations • Seal plaster and ceiling boards joins and gaps
• Seal skirting and cornices around rooms • Sealing cracks on plasterboards, bricks, concrete before painting
• Seal aircon ducts
Technicial Specification
- Appearance Extreme white single part smooth thixotropic paste
- Chemical Water based acrylic
- Specific Gravity Approximately 1.55 to 1.60
- Hardness (Shore A) 20 to 30 after 7 days
- Full Cure 3 to 7 days (depending on thickness, humidity & temperature)
- Tack Free Time 10 to 30 min (depending on humidity & temperature)
- Volume Shrinkage 10% to 15%
- Service Temperature -15oC to 75oC
- Elongation at Break 200% to 300%
- Movement Capacity Low to medium +-25%
- Durability Approximately up to 15 years when used as recommended
- Shelf Life Up to 18 months when stored correctly
- Packaging Cartridge 300ml (450gm)