PFS-1 Hybrid PU

Sealex Hybrid PU PFS-1 Sealant Adhesive is a one-part, elastomeric hybrid material that combines technology to produce a material with many of the same characteristics of silicones and polyurethanes but with better performing characteristics. Unlike many polyurethanes PFS-1 contains no solvents and isocyanates that makes it non-shrink and non-bubbling, consequently it contains less than 2% VOC and is LEED compliant and deemed a green product. Hybrid technology also made PFS-1 to have excellent resistance to weathering including ozone, ultra-violet radiation, freeze-thaw conditions and airborne chemicals.
• Precast Concrete Walls • Expansion joint
• Metal building construction • General sealing and waterproofing
• Stone & metal facade • HVAC
• Metal and aluminum panels • General industrial applications
• Roofing and gutter • Window and Door Perimeter
Technicial Specification
- Curing Speed 3 mm depth per day
- Tack Free Time 15-25 min.
- Specific Gravity 1.58
- Elongation 300%-400%
- Working Temperature 5oC - 45oC
- Tensile Strength 1.6 MPa
- Movement Capability +-25%
- Hardness 25-40 Shore A
- Odor Odorless